Liberia to Casa Chameleon

From USD $45.00
  • Duration: 5 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: P3J0MX

Liberia - Liberia Airport to Casa Chameleon

Departure from Liberia Airport area: 

  • Morning Departure time: 9:00am / Arriving by 1:00 pm
NOTE: If you are more than 4 passengers we recommend you to reserve a private service.

Customers without reservations will not be allowed to board use shuttles, tours or any other service even if there is space available. If we are not able to process or confirm your payment we are not able to provide you with the services you reserved. We do not accept cash payments, since this is a private service all our opercations and reservations are placed in advance. We will always required full payment in order to dispatch our drivers to any of the reserved pick up locations, same for boat tours, boat transfers and tours.

For security reasons it is mandatory to make your payment through PayPal. (In case you do not have it all ready one) This is on the only way we handle payment and it takes just a minute to get the process done. PayPal it is FREE and you can close it any time after.

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Due the larger number of fraud reservations we received in the pass we are currently only accepting this as the valid way of payment.